Form N-400

How to file Form N-400 correctly

Form N-400, Application for Naturalization is an inseparable part of the whole naturalization process.

To prepare a good application it is recommended to stick the following instruction.

  1. First of all try to be critically attentive and accurate.
  2. Fill out all the provided lines. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.
  • The first part of the Form N-400 contains information about person’s eligibility to participate in the naturalization process. Choose one box from the provided ones.
  • The second part should include answers for your personal data. Write in your legal name, country and date of birth.
  • Your actual physical address is required at Part 5.
  • Put a signature at Part 13 next to the line ‘Applicant’s Signature’.

Finally, make sure that you inserted only truthful facts.

Keep away from fraud and lying. All the provided data will be reviewed. In case deceptive answers are found an application will be delayed and may be denied.

Remember that the form must be filled along with photos and be submitted with all the needed documents that should prove your rights to undergo this procedure.

Once a fillable Form N-400 is already signed, start creating a USCIS account online.

After you filed a document, you will receive a USCIS acceptance notice that should contain detailed info on how to create a USCIS online account. It is helpful to check how your form is processed, to receive notes, manage and update all your personal information online.

If a person is an attorney or accredited representative, he or she may also create a USCIS online account. That will help to manage the clients’ Form N-400 applications in one place.

Adhering to these recommendations a person may create a successful application and keep in touch with a USCIS actions.