Form N-400
Form N-400

Form N-400 (US Citizenship Application)

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What Is A N-400 Form?

Most people who move to the United States are dreaming of the moment when they will get their U.S. Citizenship Application approved. This is the biggest benefit of the whole immigration process. This year nearly 3 millions of permanent residents have got the United States citizenship that allows them to have the rights and freedoms native Americans enjoy. As an American citizen you can vote on federal elections, make it a lot easier for certain relatives to move to America for a permanent residency, freely travel overseas with guaranteed strong protection from the government or even occupy federal positions.

However, not all of the permanent residents get the desired passport. Some of them have the Citizenship Application denied. Most of the risks are associated with a number of requirements that an individual must meet before they apply for American residence with Form N-400. Generally, all applicants must be 18 years old and satisfy five main eligibility criteria:

  • An individual must be permanent resident of the United States continuously living in the country for five years. Green card holders are not allowed to leave America for more than six months.

  • An applicant must be living in the state for three months before they decide to complete their N-400.

  • Every person who plans to stay in America and have all the rights and privileges the country offers must have proficient knowledge of English.

  • It is also important for the applicant to know the history of the country, its political system and government.

  • Finally, an individual must be a decent person with moral values that comply with the American Constitution.

If an individual meets the above criteria, the next step would be to file Form N-400. You can download it from USCIS website in PDF format or complete it online here. It can be both printable or electronic format.

This document is a kind of a test where one must give correct answers to pass it. It is rather complicated consisting of twenty pages and eighteen parts each with a number of fillable fields. Every part stands for personal information of different kinds such as marital status, education, employment, etc. If you have doubts about how to fill out the questionnaire, follow the instructions attached or browse the web for a sample.

This document must be also accompanied by some supporting materials including tax and criminal records that prove that an individual has good moral character. An important fact is that if you want some assistance you will have to pay a total fee of $1,000.

When you are ready with the form, send it to the USCIS. An estimated processing time is six months or even longer. If it’s approved get ready for the interview. The USCIS will send you the notification about when the interview will be held and what documents or you are supposed to bring.

To make sure you get everything right follow the guide we’ve created for you. Using our platform you can easily complete any PDF form, send it out to be signed by your colleagues or partners or save it in a secure cloud storage.

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