Form N-400

How to apply for Naturalization

To make a success in the process of Naturalization it is important to stick an instruction.

First of all check if your parent is already a U.S. citizen. If so, you don’t need to undergo this procedure.

If no, a person should figure out if he or she has a legal right to participate in a procedure of Naturalization. There are several requirements related to the age, terms of residence in a country, skills etc. For more detailed info go to USCIS website.

First general steps

If you find your are eligible for an application go to the next steps.

  1. Download Form N-400, Application for Naturalization . Start to fill it out. Be strongly accurate while preparing Form N-400 and complete all the lines with truthful data. The provided in Form N-400 information will be carefully checked.
  2. Pay particular attention to the fields mentioning the number of necessary documentation. These documents are the additional confirmation of your personal data. If you stay outside the country prepare two passport-style photos.
  3. Submit N-400 Form. Wait for an USCIS email. A receipt notice will be attached. You always can check the current process of your application online.
  4. Thereafter, you may receive an email of biometric appointment. It should contain the information about the date, time and address. However, not all the applicants are required to undergo this procedure.
  5. From this moment USCIS is supposed to send you an invitation for an interview. You must arrive at time to the mentioned location.

These steps are the main ones that determine your eligibility to get a positive response from USCIS.

A person should take seriously all the above mentioned to prepare a successful application.