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Why does USCIS take such a long time to process an application for employment authorization (form i-765)?
Asking a "why" question about the government will likely never get you the answer you want.As a special request, I will humbly speculate as to the reason why a government agency takes X period of time to do Y.As a general answer, which can probably be applied to any government agency, the agency has a finite number of resources (only so many dedicated staff members) who must therefore (thoroughly) review and approve/deny/request more evidence with regards to each application/petition received.The three months it takes for USCIS to process an EAD application for F1 students on STEM/OPT is actually on par with all other EAD application types.  In fact, USCIS, for the past few years, has been fairly consistent and reliable w/ the processing times for EADs in general.USCIS employs a dedicated team of officers to review certain types of applications/petitions. I can only speculate that because each officer has a massive number of applications/petitions to review, it takes approximately three months for the life cycle of an F-1 student's EAD  application to be complete, assuming all the required documentation has been submitted.IMHO, three months is remarkably fast.
How long will the USCIS approve my I-765 case?
Here is your clue, which lies in the following line of your transcript of events:05/21: reveiced an email update from USCIS that my request was denied.The congressman you contacted is not your congressman. Since you are a non-citizen, he has no reason to please you. You will not be voting for him. The communication you receive from his office, was actually from a low-level aide, sent to you to appease you and make you believe that they are doing something. In reality, congress members or even the US president, can not force conofficers to change their decisions. If there is a compelling reason (of national importance, not something important to you and only you) they might be willing to look over the case one more time but that’s it. There is no guarantee that they will change their decision.Accept the fact that your I-765 is denied and you will not be getting an EAD anytime soon.You should have received or about to receive a letter from USCIS, explaining why your OPT application was denied, within 15 days of the denial notice, which is just about now. If you have not received such letter, you need to contact USCIS and inquire about it. It might be due to stupid paperwork mistake, in which case your school’s foreign student counselor might present you other options. Do not delay USCIS contact so that you do not fall out of status.
How can I change a mistake in the I-765 form after mailing it to USCIS?
It’s extremely difficult to change anything in USCIS• system once a case is submitted and initial data entry performed.You can try calling the 800 customer service number printed on your Receipt Notice, but this isn’t likely to be effective (even if they tell you they’ll send a request in - they often won’t even do this).You can also -and should - send in a certified letter explaining the mistake and the correct answer, referencing the case number and including a copy of the Receipt Notice. This covers you to an extent if the change is never made before approval and it comes up later.If this is something that impacts approvability, you may get a Request for Evidence and be able to explain in the response.
How often are USCIS processing times updated?
In my experience, they get updated once a month, usually around this time of the month, for the month two months prior.So, sometime around April 15, they will update the website with the processing times as of February 28.
How can someone find out what is the current processing time for an H1-B extension by the USCIS office?
Every H1B application is different, because of which processing times vary from application to application. Also, the processing time depends on the corresponding processing center's workload. Whether it's an extension of existing application or altogether a new one, the processing times vary based on various factors like whether it's a premium processed application or a regularly processed one, in the former case the application should be processed in a fortnight, whereas in the latter case the processing time depends on the no. of applications that particular center is processing. But if everything is good in a the application, it should take 4-6 months to give you an answer.
How accurate is the USCIS processing time?
The USCIS Processing time webpage is only accurate within a range of a month or 2. However, that is really the best that you are going to get. See here for the processing time website. https://egov.uscis.gov/processin...There are a couple of other ways to get your own more accurate guess on processing times.Firstly, join the website VisaJourney and add your visa type, USCIS service center and current your timeline. Then, VisaJourney has an algorithm that estimates your timeline. https://www.visajourney.com/Secondly, there are some private apps that you can use to eyour USCIS processing timeline. One is called USCIS App. http://www.uscisapp.com/The other is Case Tracker for USCIS available in iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... and Google Play https://play.google.com/store/ap...I did a review of USCIS Case Tracker for USCIS on my blog. http://www.lovevisalife.com/2017...---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I write free information and article on the US fiancé and spouse visa processes in my website and blog. See my website and blog on my biopage.
To which USCIS address should I send my cancellation request for OPT (I-765) application?
I have always heard that the cancellation of the OPT is not possible. However, if your ISSS office told you it can be, it is probably true. One thing would be to find out the Service Center that your application went to. If you aren't sure, may be you can send a cancellation letter to both service centers and the one which your case has probably gone to will consider if cancellation is possible. In any case, you need to do this carefully in consultation with the DSO. Good luck.
How long is the I-539 processing time from F-2 to F-1 at the Dallas USCIS center?
It will take about 3 to 4 months minimum and any requests for expediting the same may not be successful.You can check with the university and it should not be a problem to commence your classes, or if they insist you need to request for deferring your admission. Without F1,you may not be able to take in -campus jobs.
How much time does i-765 takes to get approved?
I’m not sure what type of I-765 you filed (L-2 dependent? H-4 dependent?) and with which service center. You can find the processing times for the Vermont Service Center here: https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/proc... and the California Service Center here: https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/proc...*I am not an attorney. Please do not misconstrue the above as legal advice.*
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