Can we fill out the fee waiver choice during the second round of counselling at UPSEE if we haven’t done it yet in the first round?
NO , please don't do this mistake you can't change the choices after final submission till last round counseling .So in registration process they asks your choice are you want a fee waiver seat if you choose yes then the fee waiver option will be open for you during choice filling but if you choose no option then from here you will not be eligible for fee waiver seat in any round of councelling even during choice filling there will be no option for fee waiver seat.So be alert while councelling .Best of luck.
Do I need to fill out a financial statement form if I get a full tuition waiver and RA/TA?
If that is necessary, the university or the faculty will inform you of that. These things can vary from university to university. Your best option would be to check your university website, financial services office or the Bursar office in your university.
I’ve got 1262 UPGE rank in UPSEE 2016. I’m eligible for fee waiver. So, if I fill fee waiver, will my category change from GNOP to FWOP?
Thanks for A2A,Fee waiver students are just same as general category students or any other category , only but your fees structure is quite less than other students who are not eligible for fee waiver .Usually academic fees are waivered off and rest is paid by the fee waiver student.So it's a good option to fill out for Fee waiver category, then general category.As general students are not eligible for any perks.Hope it satisfy your query.
How can I find out if I am a fee waiver?
Check your birth certificate. One of the boxes - male, female, or fee waiver - should be checked. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You probably want to re-phrase your question…..