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N400 timeline Form: What You Should Know

If you cannot find an answer on this page, submit a message to, and we will be happy to answer your question. Steps to complete your citizenship application process: Step 1. File the application form online, beginning with application for naturalization (Form N-400). Step 2. Submit all required documents to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office for processing. Step 3. Provide a certified copy of your Certificate of Eligibility. If you cannot provide a copy of your certificate, we recommend that you include a photocopy of documents indicating your identity, eligibility, and place of birth. We will mail a certificate or a letter when we process your case. Submit the application form and documentation to the nearest US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office that deals with your situation from outside normal processing time. USCIS Processing Times — Naturalization/LPR Citizenship Status, Status of Naturalization, Permanent Resident (LPR), and Adjustment of Status Documents — USCIS You can be either a naturalized U.S. citizen or an alien and still be able to apply for a marriage-based green card after you are married to someone who is a U.S. citizen. Here are the different types of documents you need. Note: If you have been married to a U.S. citizen for at least five years and are seeking to live in the U.S. permanently, you must get a marriage-based green card. This applies to both U.S. spouses who have received the citizenship and LPR, or U.S. spouses who do not have green cards but are waiting to apply for one. Citizenship Documents Required: (1) Application for naturalization (Form N-400) (2) Affidavit of Support (3) Certificate of Eligibility for green card (4) Certificate of Naturalization (5). Other documents Note : Do not submit documents required for permanent residency unless they have been accepted by USCIS. These include Social Security cards, U.S. drivers' license numbers, copies of all passports and ID cards, and other documentation to show a U.S. status that proves that your parent is a permanent resident. (1). Marriage-based green card (2). Adjustment of status application (3). U.S. workers visa (4). Permanent resident (5).

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  9. Deliver the particular prepared document by way of electronic mail or facsimile, art print it out or perhaps reduce the gadget.

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FAQ - N400 timeline

Will USCIS speed up 2022?
USCIS Extends Premium-Processing to Certain Pending Immigrant Petitions. On May 24, 2023. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced an expansion of premium processing service to two additional categories of Form I-140 immigrant petitions.
Why is USCIS taking so long to process 2022?
The reasons for these delays are twofold. (1) the COVID19 pandemic impacted the efficiency and productivity of USCIS and all government functions, including mail delivery, and (2) the Trump Administration delayed processing of visa petitions as a way to reduce the number of legal immigrants entering the United States.
How much does it cost to get British citizenship 2022?
In 2023. it costs £1,330 to make an application to naturalise as a British citizen. This includes the fee for the citizenship ceremony. In recent years the UK government has not increased the mandatory fee of £1,330 but this is subject to a review.
How long is the green card process 2022?
It takes 7 to 33 months to process a Green Card application. The Green Card processing time depends on the type of Green Card you are applying for, the location of the processing office and other factors. Family Preference Green Cards processing takes from 1 to 10 years depending on the wait time and yearly caps.
How long does British naturalization process take?
How long does British naturalisation take? Most British naturalisation applications take between 3-4 months to be processed. Straight forward applications can be decided within 2 months, and more complex can take up to 6 months. Processing times will also vary depending on the Home Office's caseload.
How long does it take to get citizenship 2022?
Total time to naturalize. 18.5 months to 24 months This is because some U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field offices handle applications much faster than others (see Understanding USCIS Processing Times below).
Will USCIS improve processing time in 2022?
Form I-130 (officially called the Petition for Alien Relative ). There is a net trend from FY 2023 until FY 2023 of increasing processing times, with an average increase of 1-2 months until FY 2023. where processing times average 9.8 months.
How long does it take for interview to be scheduled USCIS?
The Interview The appointment notice will come in the mail within 6 months or sooner after filing. USCIS will give the applicants a few weeks notice to get everything together before the big day.
How long does British citizenship application take 2022?
What is the British citizenship application processing time in 2023. The Home Office usually takes 3-6 months to decide British citizenship application. Some applications can take longer if further information is required. It may take longer than the usual 6 months to get a decision because of coronavirus (COVID-19).
Can I travel after applying for UK citizenship 2022?
Yes, once you have applied for British Citizenship, you can travel outside the UK while your application is being considered.
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