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How to prepare Form N-400

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Complete the form
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About Form N-400

We do not accept modifications to photo-IDs that may cause it to show a different race, ethnicity, national origin, gender or age. The Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration (DHS×SSA) issues the biometric images in the format of a fingerprint. If you have not applied for an I-797 within the past 90 days before filing Form N-400 online, you may need to complete any required forms online first. If you have not applied within three years, please wait at least 90 days before you file Form N-400 online. If your case record indicates you have not applied within three years, please wait at least 90 days before you file Form N-400 online. The Department of Homeland Security does recommend checking with the immigration office where you filed immigration papers to ensure they allow you to change your I-797 to I-2039 within 90 days of your receipt of notification. If you have not updated that information within 90 days, you can use I-797 as a claim form instead. If you have not applied for a green card within 10-years, you may need to resubmit Form N-404 along with other documentation. Before filing an N-400, you may be asked for additional documents to establish a legitimate relationship and prove you lived outside the United States for the entire time you were not lawfully present. Before requesting additional documentation, we strongly recommend you file one application and one Form N-404. If documentation is not submitted in a timely manner, we may be unable to process your adjustment without incurring additional costs. If you do not have a passport or your application was rejected because you had no valid passport at the time of entry into the United States, you must provide at least one other document that contains your name, date of birth, and a photograph. If it is impossible to provide two acceptable documents or more than two acceptable documents, you must submit one document per N-400 and a copy of the documents used to support the application (for example, a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court-ordered adoption papers×. If you already submitted N-404 with one or more documents in the past, you must include a statement with Form N-400 explaining why you would prefer to submit additional documentation. If you do not have one or two documents that contain your name, date of birth, and a photograph, you must provide valid I-797 or I.

What Is A N-400 Form?

Most people who move to the United States are dreaming of the moment when they will get their U.S. Citizenship Application approved. This is the biggest benefit of the whole immigration process. This year nearly 3 millions of permanent residents have got the United States citizenship that allows them to have the rights and freedoms native Americans enjoy. As an American citizen you can vote on federal elections, make it a lot easier for certain relatives to move to America for a permanent residency, freely travel overseas with guaranteed strong protection from the government or even occupy federal positions.

However, not all of the permanent residents get the desired passport. Some of them have the Citizenship Application denied. Most of the risks are associated with a number of requirements that an individual must meet before they apply for American residence with Form N-400. Generally, all applicants must be 18 years old and satisfy five main eligibility criteria:

  • An individual must be permanent resident of the United States continuously living in the country for five years. Green card holders are not allowed to leave America for more than six months.

  • An applicant must be living in the state for three months before they decide to complete their N-400.

  • Every person who plans to stay in America and have all the rights and privileges the country offers must have proficient knowledge of English.

  • It is also important for the applicant to know the history of the country, its political system and government.

  • Finally, an individual must be a decent person with moral values that comply with the American Constitution.

If an individual meets the above criteria, the next step would be to file Form N-400. You can download it from USCIS website in PDF format or complete it online here. It can be both printable or electronic format.

This document is a kind of a test where one must give correct answers to pass it. It is rather complicated consisting of twenty pages and eighteen parts each with a number of fillable fields. Every part stands for personal information of different kinds such as marital status, education, employment, etc. If you have doubts about how to fill out the questionnaire, follow the instructions attached or browse the web for a sample.

This document must be also accompanied by some supporting materials including tax and criminal records that prove that an individual has good moral character. An important fact is that if you want some assistance you will have to pay a total fee of $1,000.

When you are ready with the form, send it to the USCIS. An estimated processing time is six months or even longer. If it’s approved get ready for the interview. The USCIS will send you the notification about when the interview will be held and what documents or you are supposed to bring.

To make sure you get everything right follow the guide we’ve created for you. Using our platform you can easily complete any PDF form, send it out to be signed by your colleagues or partners or save it in a secure cloud storage.

Online systems make it easier to prepare your document management and improve the productiveness of your workflow. Abide by the fast help for you to finished Form N-400, stay away from mistakes and furnish it within a timely fashion:

How to accomplish a Form N-400 online:

  1. On the website aided by the kind, simply click Begin Now and go on the editor.
  2. Use the clues to complete the appropriate fields.
  3. Include your individual material and contact info.
  4. Make confident that you just enter suitable information and facts and quantities in ideal fields.
  5. Carefully take a look at the subject matter of your kind in the process as grammar and spelling.
  6. Refer to assist segment if you have any inquiries or address our Assist group.
  7. Put an digital signature on the Form N-400 along with the guide of Indicator Resource.
  8. Once the shape is concluded, push Performed.
  9. Distribute the ready kind by way of electronic mail or fax, print it out or conserve on your own device.

PDF editor permits you to definitely make alterations to your Form N-400 from any internet linked unit, personalize it as outlined by your preferences, signal it electronically and distribute in numerous strategies.

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FAQ - Form N-400

What is the purpose of Form N-400?
It is used to issue, amend, terminate, withdraw or adjust the terms of your securities purchase agreement under Chapter 9 of the Uniform Securities Act. What do you need to submit for Form N-400? The form you need depends on your purchase agreement. You should have the following documents on hand: A copy of the purchase agreement A Certificate of Registration on Form N-300 (for investors who are selling stock on paper) A current and separate statement of assets and liabilities (including cash on hand) for each issuer, the issuer's representative and the purchaser, including the issuer's representative's address and phone number. For securities purchases, use the statement if you have made any changes to your financial statement (and you are now using paper to complete the purchase agreement). If you haven't made any changes to your financial statement, you might not need to submit a separate statement of financial position. If you aren't using paper, you should have a current and separate statement of assets and liabilities, including the issuer's representative's address and phone number. A list of current and separate creditors for the purchase agreement A list of the securities covered by the agreement (or the terms of each security you are offering) and securities you are offering that the buyer will receive in the form of a contract, note or equivalent payment A copy of the purchase agreement. How do you use Form N-400? You can submit one application per filing, if you apply through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. You may need to submit additional documents to be filed. Complete, sign and date the Form N-400 and file it. If you have submitted documents via paper, you'll need to fill out the Supplemental Information and Mailing Instructions. Wait for your Form N-400 While Form N-400 is usually sent out soon after you file, wait for at least 30 days after you file your Form N-400 before mailing it in. If your Form N-400 is missing any required information, the application will not be processed. You're ready to proceed to the next step. Step 3: Make a securities transaction Complete your application form and file it.
Who should complete Form N-400?
We recommend completing your Form N-400 if you are a U.S. citizen who is: on active duty with the U.S. Armed Forces, including National Guard and Reserves; on active duty as a National Guard enlisted member, reservist or National Guard employee in critical skill or training capacity; or On active duty as an active duty member of the U.S. Merchant Marine and employed by a commercial vessel, ship or dockyard, as designated by the U.S. Coast Guard in writing. To find more information on who to complete Form N-400 for, check out N-400: Do I Need to File a Form N-400? When can I sign Form N-400 if I have already filed one form of repayment? If you have already filed Form 1099-R and have a balance due on it, you can sign Form N-400 and complete it along with the other two required forms. To find out what documents you should submit with your Form N-400, see Filing a New Tax Return Using Form 1040X. When can I sign the other forms? If you have filed a federal tax return within the last two years and there has been no further activity due to nonpayment, you can sign each of the other required forms. What if I received a new Form 1099-R or 1098-E? If you had not received a 1099-R or 1098-E by the due date for that form of repayment, you can sign your Form N-400 and provide us with a copy of the 1095/1098-E. To find out how to notify us of the new 1095/1098-E, see The IRS Provides Notice of Changes to 1095/1098-E Forms. If I filed a Form N-401, what forms should I sign? If you also filed Form N-400 to obtain qualifying unemployment compensation, you should sign Form N-401 as well. Form N-401 lists each of the benefits you are receiving, the date you received the coverage, and amounts you are also receiving. However, you should take time to check out our article on Form N-401, Earned Income Credit, before completing and signing Form N-401.
When do I need to complete Form N-400?
If you intend to use or plan to use marijuana for medical purposes, complete the Form N-400 no later than one year from the date you file your tax return or one year after the day your registration with the U.S. government is approved. If you intend to use or plan to use marijuana for non-medical purposes, complete the Form N-400 at any time after your registration with the U.S. government. Note: An individual who has not completed Form N-400 will remain a non-resident tax return subject to IRS collection until such time as the individual completes and files Form N-400. If you did file an original version of Form N-400 and plan the filing of a revised version of the form, you may have to pay the additional filing fee. If you have not yet filed a corrected Form N-400, it could cost you hundreds of dollars in back taxes. The amount of additional filing fee based on date or form of service is due when you file Form N-400. A 25 additional fee may be due if you file the original version of Form N-400 or a subsequent version prior to a revised version or to collect on an error. An additional 100 may be due if you file a revised version following a filing error. How do I file Form N-400? You can mail Form N-400 to: IRS Attn.: Form N-400 P.O. Box 740290 Austin, TX 78 Or you can download a copy of Form N-400 by clicking on the link below. You can save this to your personal computer by placing it in your email file and sending it to the form at the email address shown. IRS Form N-400: Mail and Download How does Form N-400 affect my tax return? In general, a non-resident applicant for registration or a non-resident who files Form N-400 is also a non-resident for reporting purposes. For example, if you use the Form N-400 to obtain your registration, your U.S. tax return will reflect a U.S. taxpayer identification number (ITIN). The IRS will also take into account your U.S. tax return filing status when we identify you for filing purposes, such as when we audit.
Can I create my own Form N-400?
No, you cannot create your own Form N-400. However, many businesses do own their own Form N-200 (not the Form N-400), so they can have an N-400 for their employees. What is a Form N-400 for? A Form N-400 is used for certain businesses that need to know who they can hire for various positions. Many businesses will choose to use the N-400 form. It allows the employers to have the specific employment and training information required for that particular job. If there are multiple jobs in your business, can they be listed on a Form N-400? What should the position title on the N-400 be? Yes. Employees who work in multiple roles can all be listed under the same N-400. What if a position has multiple titles? The N-400 should always include the position title. It should be listed in descending order of how the positions fit the employer. The N-400 will state a business owner's responsibilities for each employment position. For example: “Employee responsible for sales and marketing” with “Supervise or supervise sales personnel and prepare monthly reports.” How to Obtain a Form N-400 The Form N-200 is generally available to any business owner who goes through the N-400 registration process and chooses to maintain their business records on paper. It's important to keep your employment records on paper, as a business may need the data later in legal proceedings. Keep track of your N-400 filing, so you can have the information readily available if you need it. See the N-400 Instructions for details about filing your Form N-400 online. Employment Discrimination and Nondiscrimination What is the purpose of the Nondiscrimination section of the Form N-400? Employers must be careful to ensure they are not discriminating against a protected category on the N-400. The Nondiscrimination section is intended to help employers prevent workplace problems and violations. What are prohibited activities? Employers must not make any discriminatory statements or statements about a protected category on the Form N-400.
What should I do with Form N-400 when it’s complete?
If your N-400 has any questions, your only options are to complete it and return it or to call Customer Care for further assistance.
How do I get my Form N-400?
Use the web form below to submit your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible. NOTE: You may have to wait a few steps.
What documents do I need to attach to my Form N-400?
You must supply either Form N-800, N-450, or N-700 as the accompanying form. The form may also be called the Form N-400 (NINJA Form). For all other forms, you must furnish Form N-400A. Do not use Form N-400 N. Do not attach documents to the N-400A. How do I include a foreign bank or trust company in my foreign financial accounts? You can include an entity that is controlled by another foreign national as a nonpersonal entity in your account when you report your income from sources within the U.S. If you are a nonresident alien or a United States citizen, you can include a foreign financial account of an entity that is controlled by a foreign national as a personal financial account if you are required to itemize deductions. What if I include an entity as a nonpersonal entity in my foreign financial accounts? You cannot include an entity in your foreign financial accounts as a nonpersonal entity if the entity is a foreign financial account. Because you cannot take a credit for foreign financial accounts of an entity if you are a resident alien, you may be subject to foreign personal withholding. The amount of withholding on foreign financial accounts generally depends on the total of the entity's worldwide income and the total of all amounts that are directly attributable to that income. When determining withholding on a nonpersonal entity, you generally must include in your computation of withholding on the entity amounts attributable to each of its worldwide income. However, you may determine withholding on nonpersonal entities based only on the amount you include in your computation, except to the extent the amount you include is attributable to the entity's overseas income or income in which you are a beneficiary. Example. You are a nonresident alien covered under the foreign personal holding company rules. Your bank sends you a check from a corporation with which you are not affiliated for a 5,000 transfer amounts. You included the 5,000 in your computation of worldwide income to comply with the foreign personal holding company rules. The company has no gross income and does not earn any income other than income you report directly to it. It is an ordinary income-generating operation and is not a passive activity. You need to pay the foreign personal holding company tax not only on the 5,000 5,000 but also on the 50 50 basis that relates to the amount not included in your computation of worldwide income.
What are the different types of Form N-400?
Form N-400 is an annual Form W-4. It has to be filed before you pay taxes in April of the following year. You have the option to pay taxes now, or to take advantage of the extended payments to pay taxes in your next tax year. If you pay your own taxes through payroll deductions instead of using Form W-4, the following is available on Form N-400. In this box you declare whether you are a United States Citizen or United States resident In this box you must check the box for any foreign income In this box you must check the box for any foreign housing benefit (HUB) income your tax home might have In this box you must check a box if you don't check the box for any foreign income In this box you must check a box if you are an employee or self-employed person You must check the box for any foreign housing benefit (HUB) income your tax home might have. If you don't check the box for any foreign income, it is reported on Form 1040. If you don't get income from a U.S.-residence foreign person or property, you will only get a Form 1040NR if you have paid taxes to the IRS using Form W-4. If you are married (or you file a joint return if one spouse is a single U.S. citizen), your spouse can select which box to check. If you are filing a separate return, and you are the spouse of a former U.S. resident alien, you can select the first box for either you or your former spouse. You declare if you're retired, unemployed, under school tuition and related obligations, or you are getting assistance for your special condition due to age or physical or mental condition such as blindness, deafness, or intellectual disability. If you meet one of these tests for tax filers who use Form N-400, see How To Use An IRS N-400. If not, you can choose any box, provided you get Form W-4. To decide which Form N-400 box to check, you must determine if you file Form 1040NR or Form 1040NR-EZ. For example, if you're living in a different country at the end of 2017, you may want to get this form a few months earlier than normal.
How many people fill out Form N-400 each year?
According to the Taxpayer Advocate Service, there are roughly 2.5 million individual tax returns filed each year. Of that, roughly 1 million are filed by taxpayers. The Taxpayer Advocate Service estimates one out of five taxpayers (20 percent) who are filing returns do not file their returns. In addition to this, many more individuals are filing returns using the “file now” option. However, for many who file returns, this option could have a serious economic impact — especially as individuals who file returns may be able to get a tax benefit as a result of the “file now” option, although many in the industry don't believe this will happen. Is it any wonder then, that a recent survey indicates that tax preparation firms are planning to increase the use of the tax “file now” option this year? This means that if you fill out Form N-400 this year, you may end up being subject to a penalty under the current law as well. This year, if you are a sole filer with 50,000 or more in taxable income from wages and salaries, you will fall under the reporting threshold (currently 87,400). The penalty is based upon the tax you owe for this year and the previous year (2015), and will generally be 3% of the amount of your tax for 2015 (4,300 for a single filer). However, in some circumstances, you may not pay this penalty if your adjusted gross income is more than 100,000, or if your tax return was filed within a certain period (3-6 months). If you fail to file your tax return, you also may not be able to obtain a refund of those unpaid taxes. If you have questions about your 2016 tax return, please contact a professional tax preparer at We will work closely with you to help prepare your return and to provide you with any other assistance you need at no extra cost. We will work hard to get your return out on time, so you can start preparing with the new year rapidly on the right foot.
Is there a due date for Form N-400?
The N-400 is a three-page document containing the applicant's employment information and, in some cases, supporting documentation. The documents may be completed immediately before or at the time the Form N-400 is submitted to the Employment Security Commission (see questions at the end of this paragraph) or after submission and prior to the date the Form N-400 is approved. The document must be uploaded and processed before the N-400 is approved. The applicant's employment and date of birth can be found on Form N-400, either after being accepted for employment or when submitting the application. Because the date of birth on a copy of a Form N-400 is not the same as that on the original, the date of birth of the applicant may not be changed once approved. However, the name that was on the original form of Form N-400 may not be changed. The date of birth can also be found on any supporting documentation (such as a W-2, W-3, T4 slip, or other official income tax documentation). If the supporting documentation does not list a birthdate, the applicant may choose to complete the document with an “IN” as shown in Example 1, below. If an IN is not listed in the documentation, the applicant may choose to add “IN” to the documentation and submit it. Who can I speak with about the N-400? Please follow the instructions at Question 7 on this page to contact the Employment Security Commission's (ESC) telephone customer service representative. You can find its telephone number and other information about telephone customer service by checking the ESS website at. What if I disagree with the information on my Form N-400? If you disagree with the information on your Form N-400 and you still want to go through the processing, submit a Form N-400 for Review of Issuance to the Employment Security Commission (ESC) website. If you disagree again, you must submit a Form N-400 for Review of Issuance to the Employment Security Commission (ESC). What information must I provide in my Form N-400 to be considered for the employment verification program? The N-400 must contain the employment information required by the Employment Security Act.
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