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How to prepare Form N-400

Open the template
You don't have to look for a sample of Form N-400 on the internet and download the file. Open up the sample immediately in the editor with a single click.
Complete the form
Fill out each area in the form supplying valid info. If there is a signature field, you can add your eSignature to make the papers legally valid.
File online
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About Form N-400

We do not accept modifications to photo-IDs that may cause it to show a different race, ethnicity, national origin, gender or age. The Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration (DHSĂ—SSA) issues the biometric images in the format of a fingerprint. If you have not applied for an I-797 within the past 90 days before filing Form N-400 online, you may need to complete any required forms online first. If you have not applied within three years, please wait at least 90 days before you file Form N-400 online. If your case record indicates you have not applied within three years, please wait at least 90 days before you file Form N-400 online. The Department of Homeland Security does recommend checking with the immigration office where you filed immigration papers to ensure they allow you to change your I-797 to I-2039 within 90 days of your receipt of notification. If you have not updated that information within 90 days, you can use I-797 as a claim form instead. If you have not applied for a green card within 10-years, you may need to resubmit Form N-404 along with other documentation. Before filing an N-400, you may be asked for additional documents to establish a legitimate relationship and prove you lived outside the United States for the entire time you were not lawfully present. Before requesting additional documentation, we strongly recommend you file one application and one Form N-404. If documentation is not submitted in a timely manner, we may be unable to process your adjustment without incurring additional costs. If you do not have a passport or your application was rejected because you had no valid passport at the time of entry into the United States, you must provide at least one other document that contains your name, date of birth, and a photograph. If it is impossible to provide two acceptable documents or more than two acceptable documents, you must submit one document per N-400 and a copy of the documents used to support the application (for example, a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court-ordered adoption papersĂ—. If you already submitted N-404 with one or more documents in the past, you must include a statement with Form N-400 explaining why you would prefer to submit additional documentation. If you do not have one or two documents that contain your name, date of birth, and a photograph, you must provide valid I-797 or I.

What Is A N-400 Form?

Most people who move to the United States are dreaming of the moment when they will get their U.S. Citizenship Application approved. This is the biggest benefit of the whole immigration process. This year nearly 3 millions of permanent residents have got the United States citizenship that allows them to have the rights and freedoms native Americans enjoy. As an American citizen you can vote on federal elections, make it a lot easier for certain relatives to move to America for a permanent residency, freely travel overseas with guaranteed strong protection from the government or even occupy federal positions.

However, not all of the permanent residents get the desired passport. Some of them have the Citizenship Application denied. Most of the risks are associated with a number of requirements that an individual must meet before they apply for American residence with Form N-400. Generally, all applicants must be 18 years old and satisfy five main eligibility criteria:

  • An individual must be permanent resident of the United States continuously living in the country for five years. Green card holders are not allowed to leave America for more than six months.

  • An applicant must be living in the state for three months before they decide to complete their N-400.

  • Every person who plans to stay in America and have all the rights and privileges the country offers must have proficient knowledge of English.

  • It is also important for the applicant to know the history of the country, its political system and government.

  • Finally, an individual must be a decent person with moral values that comply with the American Constitution.

If an individual meets the above criteria, the next step would be to file Form N-400. You can download it from USCIS website in PDF format or complete it online here. It can be both printable or electronic format.

This document is a kind of a test where one must give correct answers to pass it. It is rather complicated consisting of twenty pages and eighteen parts each with a number of fillable fields. Every part stands for personal information of different kinds such as marital status, education, employment, etc. If you have doubts about how to fill out the questionnaire, follow the instructions attached or browse the web for a sample.

This document must be also accompanied by some supporting materials including tax and criminal records that prove that an individual has good moral character. An important fact is that if you want some assistance you will have to pay a total fee of $1,000.

When you are ready with the form, send it to the USCIS. An estimated processing time is six months or even longer. If it’s approved get ready for the interview. The USCIS will send you the notification about when the interview will be held and what documents or you are supposed to bring.

To make sure you get everything right follow the guide we’ve created for you. Using our platform you can easily complete any PDF form, send it out to be signed by your colleagues or partners or save it in a secure cloud storage.

Online systems make it easier to prepare your document management and improve the productiveness of your workflow. Abide by the fast help for you to finished Form N-400, stay away from mistakes and furnish it within a timely fashion:

How to accomplish a Form N-400 online:

  1. On the website aided by the kind, simply click Begin Now and go on the editor.
  2. Use the clues to complete the appropriate fields.
  3. Include your individual material and contact info.
  4. Make confident that you just enter suitable information and facts and quantities in ideal fields.
  5. Carefully take a look at the subject matter of your kind in the process as grammar and spelling.
  6. Refer to assist segment if you have any inquiries or address our Assist group.
  7. Put an digital signature on the Form N-400 along with the guide of Indicator Resource.
  8. Once the shape is concluded, push Performed.
  9. Distribute the ready kind by way of electronic mail or fax, print it out or conserve on your own device.

PDF editor permits you to definitely make alterations to your Form N-400 from any internet linked unit, personalize it as outlined by your preferences, signal it electronically and distribute in numerous strategies.

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form n 400 no download needed - FAQ

Do I need a lawyer to apply for US citizenship?
The process of filing a naturalization application is straightforward, and anyone comfortable with the English language and filling out forms could do it without an attorney. An attorney's role in a naturalization application is  more about spotting issues that could cause the application to be denied (and your filing fees lost), or more serious issues that could put your legal status in jeopardy. For instance, I always say if you have ever been detained by the police for any reason you should talk to an attorney before filing an N-400. Sometimes people think they don't have a criminal record because a conviction has been expunged or a charge dismissed. Dismissed charges and expunged convictions need to be dealt with proactively on a naturalization application and this should be handled by an attorney. Also, some convictions that do not seem that serious or are misdemeanors under state law can have serious immigration consequences. Another issue that should be handled by an attorney is a trip abroad of more than 180 days. While this does not necessarily preclude a person from getting a green card, it does require analysis and explanation, best done by an attorney. Other red flags include tax issues (late filings, missed filings, overdue payments), separation shortly after receiving a green card through marriage, problems with child support or alimony, or quitting your job shortly after receiving your green card through work. Also, if you have a US citizen parent, at least speak briefly with an attorney before filing. It continually surprises me how frequently it happens that people have automatically derived citizenship through their parents without knowing it. In this situation, you will not be allowed to naturalize because you are already a citizen. This means you lose the money and time spent on the naturalization application, and then have to spend more money and time going through the different process of applying for proof of citizenship. If none of these factors apply to your situation, you could probably file your own N-400 without a problem. I agree with Joseph, however, that sometimes us attorneys can still be useful for simple cases! For instance, sometimes the government will issue nonsensical demands for unnecessary or irrelevant evidence, or an untrained officer will take a mistaken view of the law. In these cases it is faster and much less stressful to have an attorney who sees this sort of thing every day advocating for you. That's my totally biased two cents!
What should I do if I don't have written records/recollection of when and how many times I crossed the US/Canada border via road (for weekend escapes) when I am filing US USCIS citizenship N-400 application?
CBP will have a record of your entries into the United States. You can only get this information by filing a FOIA request, which can be done here: U.S. Customs and Border Protection. My own experience with this is that is takes quite a while to get a response • my own request took just over a year.Canada also maintains a database with records of entries in BSA’s ICES system. You can make a request for this information from BSA here: Travel History Report. The processing time is much faster, typically less than a month. If you get the Canadian report, you will have the dates you entered Canada. Hopefully this will jog your memory enough to remember each trip and how long it was to complete your N-400. All USCIS will expect is that you make a good faith effort to be as accurate as possible. If you miss the odd day or weekend trip it will be no big deal. The trips that matter are the long ones that may break the period of continuous residence required for naturalization. USCIS will also make a judgement call if your trips, while frequent and short, constitute a pattern of being outside the U.S. more than in it. If you just like to visit Canada (and who doesn’• - the country is quite beautiful,) you shouldn’t have a problem.
How long does it take to from green card to US citizenship? Can you speed it up?
In order to get naturalized in the United States you need to:* Secure green card (permanent residency)* Live in the US for a certain amount of time* Apply for citizenship and get your application approved the steps listed above, the most complicated part is getting your green card. You can get that in four ways:An employment-based green card. This process is done only through a US employer, but any person with extraordinary ability can also be self-sponsored. Keep in mind that UN never sponsors any green card, as it is not a US entity. All those who get their green card through sponsorship through employer first start as employees of their companies, mostly under L-1 visa (intercompany transferee) or H-1B visa (temporary worker). Through some relative who is a US citizen (sibling, parent, married spouse or child), or a US permanent resident (married spouse or parent of a minor). The most immediate of all these options is through an above 21 US citizen child, a US citizen parent or a US citizen married spouse. Asylum/refugee process, for all those who’ve been persecuted in their home country. Diversity lottery, a process though which US grants 50,000 green cards too few lucky winners. Participation in this lottery is free. Once you have your green card, you must live continuously in the US. If you live with US citizen spouse, you will become eligible after three years for citizenship. Otherwise, the duration is five years. Using form N-400, you can apply for naturalization 90 days earlier. You’ll have to fill out a lengthy form, including names of all organizations you’ve been affiliated with (outside the US) in the past five years, be background checked and fingerprinted. You will also have to learn towards English and civic test (not that difficult), and take a test, be interviewed, and so on. Finally, in the end your oath ceremony will arrive. It is presided over by a federal judge where pledge of allegiance is said. You will sing The Star-Spangled Banner! If you’re interested in potentially applying for a green card you should visit us at Parades. Our legal marketplace makes the most sense when it comes to the immigration process. We have skilled on-demand attorneys available to guide you through the application process for much less than a law firm. Visit us for a free initial consultation! Best of luck.
How long does the naturalization process take, will it be faster if a person has lived 20 years in the US?
The naturalization process can take years, even decades and is predicated on so many factors that it is hard to predict a reasonable time frame without specific information on a given case. The biggest things that factor into the speed or timing for obtaining permanent residency and then citizenship are actually related to two things: 1) the basis for your residency petition (marriage to a US citizen, petition by another US citizen family member, work-based petition, etc.) and 2) the number of immigrant visas allocated and available for nationals of your country of origin. Immigrant visas for immediate relatives (like a spouse) of US citizens are unlimited, so those petitions are generally the fastest route to citizenship. However, other family based petitions and employment based petitions are limited by the allocation of immigrant visa numbers each year by the Department of State. This page at the USCIS website gives a good overview of the immigrant visa process and explains the limitations around certain immigrant visa categories. In general, it is going to take you - conservatively • five and a half to six years to become a US citizen, and that is only if you are the immediate relative of a US citizen. First, you must file an I-130 (Family Based) or I-140 (Employment Based) petition for immigrant status. If your I-130 petition is based on your relationship to an immediate family member (like a spouse), you can also file your I-485 petition to adjust status (to that of a legal permanent resident) concurrently. However, any other I-130 or I-140 petition will be filed first for approval and then, when an immigrant visa number becomes available, the adjustment petition can be filed. So on average you are probably looking at least a year to file and get an approved adjustment of status petition to become a Legal Permanent Resident, and then you need to maintain LPR status for a minimum of five years before you can apply for citizenship. The thing to remember here is that if your petition is based on employment or a non-immediate family relationship and your country of changeability (or country of birth) has a limited number of visas per year with a long backlog, it could be a decade or more before you can even file your petition for Legal Permanent Resident status. So to answer your question, having lived in the US for 20 years really only helps you become a citizen faster if you’ve spent at least five of those here as a Legal Permanent Resident. Otherwise, it’s unlikely to have much impact on your petition and timing. Standard disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and nothing here should be construed as legal advice.
Should I hire a lawyer to help me complete my naturalization application? Do applicants generally hire lawyers to help with the application process? What are good online resources if I run into any questions during the process?
I'm going to chime in and say probably not.... If you don't have a criminal background, you've maintained a good record of all your immigration/travel/residence documentation, and you are pretty self-sufficient when it comes to navigating through government processes (e.g.: you file your own taxes), then you could probably apply and go through this process on your own without hiring an attorney.  The naturalization government filing fees are very expensive for the average Joe so save your money where you can. Unless ... you want assurance and don't mind spending the money on legal fees, it doesn't hurt to hire an attorney.  They'll do most of the work for you and prepare you for your interview and what to expect. Also, if there are "issues" such as the ones described below (and this applies for anyone seeking to get naturalized):- prior arrests- prior convictions (misdemeanor or felonies) either in the U.S. or in another country- if the green card was obtained based on marriage to a U.S. citizen and there are problems in the marriage (i.e. not living together, divorce, etc.)- lack of documentation- lack of English proficiency- other issues then it may be helpful to consult with an immigration attorney to see if hiring one would be in your best interest. I've helped friends and family  (pro bono) get naturalize, andd I can say that the times that I did, they didn't use an attorney (although they had me helping) and it was a fairly straightforward process. Your best resource is to connect with people you know personally who have navigated this process successfully and get their input. USCIS' website is also a great resource. They've come a long way with their website, and it is a wealth of information.  For self study, the 100 civics questions can be found here:http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site... Your application is not approved quicker because you hire an attorney but in the event you run into problems, or your “case" was a problematic one to begin with, it may be a good idea to hire an attorney. Sorry to be so verbose.  The best of luck to you!** A friendly caveat that this forum is neither private nor confidential.  This post should not to be construed as confidential legal advice nor has an attorney-client relationship been established as a result of this post :-)
If my green card has expired, can I apply for a citizenship? My father is a citizen, do I still need to apply for a green card? How would I do it?
You are still a permanent resident, on that basis you can apply for U.S. Citizenship. If you are not sure about filling form N-400, Application for Naturalization, read the instructions or fill out online application for U.S. Citizenship  which is easy & error free Discalimerr :- -  is a private entity and is not affiliated or approved by any government agency. We are not a law firm and don't prattorney's services. .
How can I help my co-worker gain us citizenship?
Simple answer: you generally cannot help your “co-worker” gain us citizens Now.Now, you haven’t mentioned anything about your or the “co-worker Assumingming you are a US Citizen ANDYou and the “co-worker” are both sinAND youDyou love each other ANDare willing to spend the rest of your lives together could get married and sponsor your “co-worker-spouse” for a dependent visa and eventually a US citizenship.
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